Earn Rewards In Your Favorite Node Project

Tricks For a Successful Transaction

How It Works



Purchase ALPHA on TraderJoe and hold in your wallet.


Chill Like a Chad

Sit back and relax. Your reflections will load up in $USDC and can be claimed in $THOR, $VPND, $PXT2, $FIRE, & $POLAR.


Claim your tokens, make that node boi

When you are happy with your rewards, cash them out and create yourself a node!


Compound your rewards, ser

If you’d like to increase your APY, you can compound your rewards tax free!


NaaS Kicks In

ALPHA utilizes it’s growing treasury to purchase high performing nodes in projects like $STRONG, $THOR, $POWER, and others. We then return profits to holders through buybacks and burns, giveaways, and more.


Holders of ALPHA can receive a consistent passive income stream of node project tokens, which in turn can be used to create nodes from your earnings to generate even more passive income. Default reflections are paid out in $USDC stablecoins, and can be claimed as multiple different node project tokens.

NaaS (Nodes as a Service)

Treasury investments into consistently high performing node projects will result in high APR yields that are returned to holders. We will also take community guidance on which nodes the treasury will invest in.

Decentralized Treasury Management

Acting as a community is better than acting alone. Functioning as a DAO, we want our community to vote and decide on which projects our treasury invests in to maximize the potential for return.

Tokenomics & Fees


Fixed Non Inflationary Supply

2% Liquidity

Increase Liquidity for a More Stable Price

10% Reflections

Reflections in $USDC for Every Buy/Sell

6% Treasury

Used to Generate Profit for Holders


Project Launch

Launch on TraderJoe, launch Telegram, Discord, Twitter, dApp and Website.

Treasury Invests in the Purchase of its First Nodes

Utilizing the growing treasury, and at the direction of the community, ALPHA Nodes will purchase its first nodes.

OG Rewards Kick In

Something so ALPHA, so HUGE, that we can't give it away just yet.

First Node Project Partnership

We understand that investing early into a legitimate node project can result in excellent returns. We will be looking to partner with and seed liquidity for a disruptive market maker in the Node space.

Community Run Treasury

As our treasury grows, our community will vote on what ALPHA Nodes will invest in, and how some IaaS (investment as a service) opportunities may benefit holders. We will grow together!